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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A mostly 'powerless' day

The electricity on my part of MCC went off shortly after 10am, and I noticed that a couple of men (who I took to be electricians) seemed to be walking up and down the street. On my way out to do a little shopping I noticed that the generator which supplies our houses was still working so came back up to find out "what gives?" - the two gents advised that power would be back on by 2pm. So far so good. And it was, too! Until about 3.15pm - no doubt the time the two took to go and take their lunch. Power was finally restored for the evening shortly after 6pm, but I understand they will be back tomorrow to continue checking out all the circuits.

Today is the first full day since we went over to individually financed electricity supply, through the CoO which is now ordering and paying for diesel using the deposits those who are participating have paid. In theory those houses which have not paid the deposit or had an electricity meter fitted (either through the CoO like me, or independently) will have had their generator-supplied electricity disconnected. In practical terms, whatever one thinks of this procedure, it is not feasible to live here without electricity as it gets pretty cold at night and one needs it either for heating or simply boiling a kettle, not to mention operating the washing machine. At least at this time of year there are no problems with water supplies! Now, I must go and prepare dinner.

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