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Friday, 13 February 2009

Now back online!

After wasting many hours on Thursday trying to cope with a very defective internet connection (it became clear to me it was not my own connection that was at fault, but was obviously a fault in the internet itself, as I could easily get into some websites, but not others), it came back to life at around midnight on Thursday/Friday.

This allowed me to do two specific things I NEEDED to do urgently - the first was to book my hire car online for the three months in Spain which I shall be commencing in the middle of next week. The second was to make an urgent payment from my bank in Spain to a beneficiary with another Spanish bank.

Both done! It is now 1.20am on Friday so I had better get off to bed NOW as I have to drive to Aberdeen (snow/ice on roads permitting) tomorrow for the wedding of a nephew there on Saturday. As I shan't be back in Nairn until Sunday evening, I could ill-afford the down-time of the internet for the whole of yesterday - thank goodness I have been able to get these two operations done before leaving for the wedding as I would have been totally awful company for everyone else there if they had remained undone.

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