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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Four 'Latin Kings' of Mazarrón sentenced to youth detention

I mention this only because it highlights a facet of Murcian life of which I was completely unaware. Basically it's about gang warfare amongst rival groups of youths, in this case a group known as the 'Latin Kings'. After recent ground-breaking convictions of gang members in Los Alcázares and Torre Pacheco for conspiracy, the Juvenile Court Number 1 of Murcia yesterday convicted four members of the Mazarrón Chapter of the organisation to various terms of juvenile detention and probation with community service.

From what I can gather the 'Latin Kings' comprise Latinos in Spain who have formed their gang in mimicry of their idea of of an 'Aztec Kingdom' designed to act together against Spaniards and Roma (gypsies). Like all such gang groupings that I have ever read about, the details of their rituals are arcane and probably sound as bizarre to most outsiders as they do to me, but the case gives a fascinating glimpse into a world I know nothing about.

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