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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Puppies found abandoned in paper cement sack

(Please see UPDATE at end)

A neighbour was out early this morning taking his dog for its usual morning walk. Not far from the house the dog began to pull strongly on its lead in the opposite direction to the one they normally took, so intrigued he let the dog have its way. In rough ground just about 15 feet from the pavement in a shallow trench they came across what appeared to be a semi-empty paper cement sack, with the top twisted shut. The dog was very excited and sniffing and prancing around the sack so my friend opened the top of the sack to be confronted with a head inside - atttached to a puppy. Closer investigation revealed there were FIVE puppies in that sack - all alive, but pretty traumatised by their experience.

Enquiries at a nearby house revealed that the residents there had heard noises during the night, perhaps around 2am, so it is possible the sack with the puppies inside was brought into the area last night and simply dumped. Here's where they were found:

Where somebody callously dumped a thick paper sack with five puppies trapped inside, most probably during last night - there was only a narrow slit cut in the paper to allow them to get air
(Click on the image to see an enlargement)

The dogs were found on a piece of flattish ground near a rambla (storm drainage channel) between the flat ground and the hill and the houses which can be seen above it - my own house is up on the left, out of camera shot, as it so happens.

My friend and his wife are now caring for the puppies on an interim basis until they can decide what to do - they've already been in touch with a local pet rescue charity, but they won't be able to get someone to visit for at least a few days. Meantime, it being a Sunday, all the puppies have been placed in a largish dog basket with blankets and fed moistened and softened dried food (which they have for their own dog) until they can get puppy food and do other things that probably need to be done - although the puppies are not obviously dirty, indeed they look quite well fed and not at all scrawny, they possibly have ticks and perhaps worms, so treatment for that plus a bath is probably on the agenda pretty soon.

It's difficult to know how old the puppies are, but a few people who have seen them (me included) think they may well be 7-9 weeks old and probably have been 'dumped' because they were recently weaned from the mother. Here's a photgraph of the puppies in their temporary home and their borrowed bed:

The five puppies resting quietly in their temporary home
in shade in the garden this afternoon

(Click on the image to see an enlargement)

Finally one of the heroes of today's events, the dog whose insistence led his master to find the abandoned puppies:

"Jack", the hero who led his master to the puppies
(Click on the image to see an enlargement)

UPDATE: (Wesnesday 25MAR09 12.05 RST) Speaking to the puppies' temporary hosts on Monday, they told me they had already had telephone calls with promises to re-home three of the puppies and speaking to them again this morning they confirm the three have now been taken by one person who may not keep them all himself, but will instead try and re-home them in due course; he apparently lives in the campo and always takes in upto five or so stray dogs until they can be re-homed and currently had three 'vacancies'. The other two puppies, adorable little things (a boy and a girl) remain for the present with their temporary hosts, whilst efforts continue to find them more permanent homes.

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