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Saturday, 14 March 2009

A trip through the Sierra Espuna

Yesterday was forecast to be lovely weather-wise, the warmest since I arrived here about three and a half weeks ago, and that turned out to be the case. Apart from a trip to Cartagena a couple of weeks back my only excursions since I got here have been very local - basically in and around Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazarrón and Bolnuevo. I've been up to the monastery near Aledo many times (a couple of times recorded here, here and here) and on one occasion took a trip beyond Aledo on the road to Lorca through very rural farming territory.

So on that day of all days, yesterday Friday 13th March, I thought I would take advantage of the particularly fine weather to take a trip up through the Sierra Espuna from Totana up past Aledo and eventually down to Alhama de Murcia. The road beyond Aledo to the first main viewpoint, where the first four photographs below were taken, became increasingly difficult and 'twisty', not to mention being quite narrow, making passing oncoming vehicles a somewhat unnerving experience. Although it was a wonderful, bright sunny day the atmosphere was slightly hazy so the clarity of some distant views was less than perfect, but still magnificent:

Sierra Espuna (Murcia, Spain), 13 March 2009

(Click on any image to see an enlargement)

The signpost in the above photograph is enlarged below:

But beyond this point on the downward route to Alhama de Murcia is certainly the most hair-raising road I have even been on (*):

An image from my SatNav of a particularly 'twisty' section, covering perhaps 5-6km, travelling left to right and descending steeply, often with sheer drops on both sides of the road!

(Click on the image to see an enlargement)

- although it did of course afford some magnificent views, even if there were few places it was safe to stop and get photographs. Here is one of those I did manage to take:

A view of the pine forests on the way down to Alhama de Murcia from the Sierra Espuna

(Click on the image to see an enlargement)

(*) Not excluding roads I've been on in various parts of the world, for example the road up to the Haleakala volcano on Maui, Hawaii or parts of the California State Highway 1 or even the road between Gairloch and Rubha Reidh on the north-west coast of Scotland.

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