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Monday, 27 April 2009

First case of swine-fever confirmed in Spain

I break my quite lengthy period of blog-silence here to record that the first confirmed case of swine-fever ('swine-flu') has been reported in Almansa (Albacete); it is the first confirmed case in the European Union.

Nineteen other possible cases of infection by the A/H1N1 virus are under investigation in Spain as follows: Catalonia (10), Andalucia (3), Castilla-La Mancha (2) and one each in Aragon, Madrid, the Basque Country and Navarra.

People are being advised to avoid unnecessary travel to Mexico, thought to be the source of the current infection with by far the biggest and most serious outbreak with 103 fatalities to date. A public health emergency has been declared in the US, where there are 20 confirmed cases.

It appears that whilst the infection is potentially serious it is being stated that provided it is treated promptly there is a good chance of a full recovery. The Spanish health authorities are urging those who have recently visited Mexico to visit a health centre without delay if they experience flu-like symptoms within the first ten days (the incubation period of the virus).

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Fitaloon said...

2 cases here in Scotland and ones now popping up all over the world so it looks like we may have a slight problem. Hopefully they all turn out to be minor compared to the problems in Mexico. Not much we can do but sit and wait.
Unfortunately Gordon has said we are well prepared, hopefully better than we were for the recession.

Bill said...

From what one can see at present the cases outside Mexico seem reasonably responsive to treatment, probably because they have been caught early. I've heard it suggested that in Mexico the infections may have been spreading for some time without being recognised earlier as something forming a part of a pattern, hence the fatalities there.

As for our 'Dear Leader' the least said the better - I see he threw a tantrum in Poland today when asked about his climb-down on MP remuneration strategy. Roll on a General Election or possibly a 'coup' within the Labour party, although as they will no doubt be trying to hang on to their perks for as long as possible, that's probably unlikely. Nice to have your visit, btw, in my Spanish blog-home.