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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gardening at MCC - and what a small group of residents have already achieved

Following on from my article yesterday about the results so far achieved by the 'Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group' with its Sunday-evening litter- and weed-collection efforts, I have been contacted by Chris Gatenby. His partner Sandra is part of a group of neighbours which has collectively over the past approximately 18 months made great efforts to beautify an earth bank opposite their homes in Manzana 28, bordering on one of the ramblas that run through MCC. He asked me to take some photographs of what they have achieved and to publish an article in my blog as they are keen to let others know what they have been working at and I have been happy to oblige and am pleased to have been asked. Below are some of the photographs I took this morning; as you will see, apart from the planting along the face of the earth bank and along its top, they have constructed attractive short flights of stairs at either end. The whole area must be around 60 metres long I estimate. I am aware that residents in various other parts of MCC have made their own efforts to improve the outlook near to their own homes and if any of them wish to have photographs of their achievements included in my blog, please get in touch - I shall do my best. Although I am non-resident here myself, the wonders of the internet mean that even when I am not here any photographs sent to me by email with a brief description of what they represent would allow me to put the details here on this blog for whoever desires it - and I'm sure others at MCC and perhaps other urbanisations in southern Spain could benefit from some of the ideas, experience and initiative shown here.

Manzana 28 bordering the Rambla facing Manzana 35
- Click on any of the images below to see an enlargement -

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