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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

MCC Gardening Group gets going

A group of residents at Mazarron Country Club have recently been discussing simple and enjoyable ways in which our environment could be made somewhat more pleasing, by beginning to tidy up some of the open spaces, where currently there is quite a lot of litter and rather ragged patches of mainly weeds. Last Sunday about 17 of us turned out to make a small but worthwhile beginning. Prior to beginning our weeding efforts we tried to clear as much litter as we could from a part of a quite large area of open ground and each collected one or two sackfuls of paper and plastic; already the area began to look a little less 'dishevelled'. Then we split into a couple of groups to clear some weeds and do some raking over a couple of 2-metre wide strips adjacent to one of the pavements. After a little over an hour of tiring, but pleasant activity we could see with our own eyes the results off our efforts - most satisfying!

A few of our number, with a little more expertise than I possess, guided the rest of us as to which 'weeds' were in fact useful plants which we should leave where they were or move slightly for better effect, surrounding each such plant with some pebbles to let others know. Since Sunday evening, some people (both from our Sunday group and some others - thanks to all!) have obviously been back out putting some more of the donated plants we have been given into the ground, so that an area of perhaps 2 x 12 metres now looks quite different than it did only a few days ago. Whilst taking a few bags of my household refuse down to the bins this morning I took some photographs so that those not here at present can get a better idea of what is being done. It may also help to 'spread the message' amongst those at MCC who may not have been aware of it and encourage others to come along and join in when they can and when non-residents are over on a visit to properties here.

A small sign, held down with boulders, left to let others know what has been done and seeking new volunteers for our regular Sunday efforts
- Click on the image to see an enlargement -

Four photographs of the two small areas we have so far begun to improve
- Click on any of the images to see an enlargement -

See you on Sunday at 6pm I hope?!

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