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Friday, 3 April 2009

My shopping trip to Cartagena today turned out to be a 'damp squib'

This morning I decided to take myself off to Cartagena to indulge in a little 'retail therapy'; basically I wanted to hit some clothes shops, not that I need anything really, I just felt like it. Partly this was a reaction to the craziness and duplicity of the decisions taken at the G20 summit in London yesterday; if these idiots are going to engineer to debauching of our currencies by inflating their way out of debt I thought I should take my mind off the deeper hole that has just been dug for us.

My plan was to head for some of the boutiques in the Espacio Mediterráneo and see if I could find anything there, then probably I would have headed off to the El Corte Inglés department store in the city centre, where I recall from previous visits that they have quite a good (if somewhat expensive) men's clothing department.

I wondered why, when I was approaching the Espacio Mediterráneo, there seemed to be very little traffic around - and when I arrived at the vast above-ground car-parking area I found it to be almost empty. All the bigger stores were locked shut and of course all the outlets within the main shopping centre complex were closed, too. I knew that Easter was next week so had no immediate idea of what the reason for the closure was.

My next thought was to head back to Mazarrón, but by the old N332, rather than the motorway, for a bit of variety and a very pleasant journey that was - I haven't been on this road for almost 2 years so it was good to see it again as there is some very attractive scenery.

Back here, though, I logged into my trusty PC and inquiring of 'Google' discover that today Friday the 3rd of April is the 'Friday of Sorrows', being the Friday before Palm Sunday, which is itself the Sunday before Easter Friday/Sunday - and this holiday is observed in Cartagena as 'Viernes de Dolores' (see here, too), but evidently not in Mazarrón, where everything is open as usual. Trying to 'accentuate the positive' about this morning's fiasco of a shopping trip, at least it means I have more money left than I thought I would have. Perhaps I'll try again at the beginning of next week!

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