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Saturday, 30 May 2009

The reversal of the natural order of things?

Is the world turning upside down?

Just a few moments ago I took screen-shots from my embedded weather data 'gizmo' which reveal the stark truth - today at 12.58 BST the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius at Inverness airport (about 7 miles from my home in Nairn, Scotland), whereas at 13.00 CEST today the temperature was 22 degrees Celsius at Murcia-St Javier airport, roughly 70Km from my Spanish 'casa de vacaciones' near Mazarrón.

Accordingly it's shorts and deck-shoe weather up here in Nairn today!

Weather reversal - 30 May 2009

Inverness airport - 12.58 BST - 25 degC

Murcia-St Javier airport - 13.00 CEST - 22 degC

- to be quite frank, such an occurrence [a happy one for me] is such a rare event, it's well worth blogging about!

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