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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Flying on Ryanair over the summer? Check your bookings!

Following on from its first-ever annual loss announced just a few days ago, Ryanair appears to be embarking on a round of precipitate route-cancellations.

So far I'm aware of a route cut involving Inverness Airport (INV) and East Midlands airport (EMA), coupled with the cancellation of the service from Durham Tees valley airport (MME) to Dublin aiprort (DUB). Both routes will cease to operate effecive mid-July. From my website visitor statistics I suspect there may also be other cancellations involving Polish destinations. I've written about this in my other [main] blog here.

There is absolutely no mention in the Ryanair website of any of these sudden cancellations and it is very difficult to identify what other changes there may have been in the last few days. If you have Ryanair flight bookings over the next several months I suggest it might be a good idea to double-check that the flight[s] you plan to take with them remain operational on the date[s] you wil be travelling.

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