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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

MCC Gardening Group - more solid progress last Sunday

Last Sunday (7th June) the Gardening Group continued working mainly on the area between Manzanas 19 & 20 (although some moved back to the ground between Manzanas 31 & 33 to do weeding and tidying-up).

These notes are based on information kindly supplied by Barbara Franken, who also sent me the photographs.

(I also gleaned some information from various message exchanges between Gardening Group members over the past few days. One thing I noticed particularly from the photographs Barbara has sent me this week is that not only is the planting along the top of the open ground looking good, but that planting down one of the sides [nearest Manzana 20] now covers quite a length and looks really good, too.)

Here's what Barbara wrote about the evening's work:

Again around 20 people came with their wheelbarrows, pick-axes, rakes and gloves, ready to turn the barren area into the beginning of a green paradise. Slowly but surely both areas between manzana 31-33 and 19-20 are looking as if people care! Not a Sunday goes by that we don't have plants to plant, books and plants to sell and visitors giving us their support. Thankyou very much everyone. We are getting there and yes it is infectious! More and more people are becoming aware of the transformation that is happening -
... and it's all thanks to people who care.

We are in need though of more volunteers to come and water the plants - and for people to leave full bottles of water at the two gardening areas. We need to water through the next couple of months to ensure the continued growth and vigour of the plants.

We are planning to move rocks from one area to another, hopefully next Monday night (15th June). Please watch the 'Soapbox' (or this blog) for the exact timing as we need all the help we can get in putting rocks into 2 trailers that we have organized to move them down to the 2 gardening areas.

We are also planning a BBQ to raise funds for the community gardening project. We are looking at July 15th, but again please watch the 'Soapbox' (or this blog) for the exact date and place. All your support will be extremely gratefully received. Thankyou!

Meanwhile Richard Essex has opened up a bank account for any non-residents to donate monies to help 'create colour and life on our barren lands'.

(Bill writes: please see below the photographs which follow for the full bank account details.)

"All volunteers most welcome - please come along!"
Same time, same place next week
Sunday 14th June at 7pm!

(Our current location - roundabout near restaurant at the top of the open ground between Manzanas 19 & 20)

MCC Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group
More solid progress last Sunday - 7 June 2009

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

Should any non-resident owner in the UK wish to make a donation toward the activities of the Gardening Group, Richard Essex has opened a bank account as detailed below for the purpose:

Richard Essex writes -

Nothing seems simple these days. To open a new account I was faced with the prospect of form filling, quizzed on money laundering blah blah - enough to drive you bonkers.

So I've opted for a personal account with Barclays, which has now been done foc ('free of charge') and earns a modest interest rate.

It is a £ sterling account principally for non-residents who wish to express their support for the gardeners and the great job they are doing - the details are :

Account name : A R Essex - M C C
Sort Code : 20 53 53
Account Number : 33087352

I can view the account online and as a matter of good practice I will copy the monthly statements to Hazel Davison. The first statement will be due on 5th July, so please don't hold back! Any amount large or small greatly appreciated.

Payment can be made online or if anyone prefers to send me a cheque if you email me - - I will let you have my UK address.


- for example I emailed Richard myself yesterday and he has now kindly emailed me his UK address, so I was able to send him a cheque with a small donation. Job done! I hope at least a few others will follow suit.

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