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Thursday, 11 June 2009

The moral? Buy your bread from another bakery!

This story from the underbelly of employment practices made me retch when I read it. An illegal immigrant from Bolivia who had worked for two years and without an employment contract in a bakery in El Gandia (Valencia), was injured seriously when an industrial accident in the bakery caused his arm to be severed.

I've no doubt industrial accidents happen occasionally in even the best-run companies, but the reaction of the bakery owner's son in this case is eye-opening. He told the employee he was going to take him to the hospital, but forced the injured man out of his car 200 metres from it and warned the man not to say where the accident had happened. Then the son returned to the bakery and put the severed arm in the bin. El País has the same story with more photographs and an embedded video-clip.

Of course it's not only in Spain that odious employment practices exist. The drowning of 19 Chinese cocklers in Morecambe Bay in February 2004 was much greater in scale and horror than the recent case, stomach-churning although it is.

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