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Monday, 1 June 2009

Totana mayor announces draft plans for new general hospital just north of Mazarrón

During a speech in Aledo at the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Building Entrepreneurs in the Lower Guadalentín (AEMCO), the Mayor of Totana, Sr José Martínez Andreo (accompanied by the Councillor responsible for industry, Sr José Antonio Valverde Reina) announced tentative draft plans for the construction of a new general hospital in the north Mazarrón area, probably in the vicinity of Las Cañadas del Romero, close to the confluence of the Alhama-Mazarrón and Totana-Mazarrón motorways.

The Mayor said he hoped that the other Mayors present at the meeting would give their support to the project, for which a budget of 16mio Euros is envisaged. The town hall is also looking at ways to assist the building sector (many local building companies were represented at the meeting) with payments to suppliers and contractors during the summer period. Other measures include a reduction of 50 per cent in construction and building taxes for house construction; more controversially (in my humble opinion) he suggested that public tenders might no longer be necessary for publicly-funded construction projects - such as the hospital - nor the provision of pre-qualification guarantees by the builders tendering for the work and will only be required when contracts are awarded; this sounds like a recipe for graft and corruption to me, even if it might assist construction companies with their cash-flow in the severe economic downturn they are experiencing.

It is not clear to me where the funding for this project is to come from, but some months ago I wrote about plans by central government in Madrid to seek to bolster the economy by injections of funds to the regions to help to counteract the worst effects of the recession on unemployment rates and it seems to me that the plans for this new hospital probably fall within these anti-recession measures. Trying to accentuate the positive, provision of this new medical facility so close to Mazarron Country Club and Camposol will undoubtedly be helpful to those living in those areas, specially for emergencies.

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