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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mazarrón approves water price rise of almost 13 per cent

A divided Mazarrón Council (12 votes for, 8 against, 1 abstention) has approved a rise in the price of water of 12.84 per cent to take account of both of general consumer price rises and the current price of water from Aqualia; it is not clear which proportions of the increase relate to the two specific causes cited.

The divisions in the Council, seemingly along partisan political lines, focussed on the widespread consumer dissatisfaction with Aqualia who were said to be slow in carrying out repairs, to carry them out poorly, to leave open trenches for lengthy periods and to close them up badly; it was asserted that this poor service history does not justify an increase in the water tariff. The councillor responsible for finance matters agreed to talk with Aqualia to pass on consumer complaints and to urge them to improve their services.

One imagines (and this is speculation on my part) the increase was approved because the Council felt it had little choice; presumably it is popular with no-one.

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