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Friday, 24 July 2009

MCC Gardening Group - On moving a Yucca plant

It is VERY hot in the Murcia region just at present and indeed today I saw a report in La Verdad advising that an Orange Alert for dangerously high temperatures in the region over the next several hours has been announced, with a warning that temperatures could reach 40+ degC.

So, a couple of days ago it was that some brave souls from the Mazarron Country Club Gardening Group decided to undertake the urgent transplantation of a large Yucca plant from a plant-pot in which it had become badly pot-bound and because of its top-heavy foliage had blown over several times in high winds recently. The plant had kindly been donated by Richard and Edna in whose garden the plant was currently located, as they had decided that it needed to be re-homed with room for its roots to spread themselves better, so offered it to anyone who could make use of it. The Gardening Group thought this was too good an opportunity to pass up, and decided that a good location for the plant would be to place it near the top left of the area between Manzanas 19 & 20, to give the whole area some 'height'.

Below you can see in pictures the relocation taking place on Wednesday, with links to take you to enlargements with captions, which I have chosen to model after the fashion of a Norse saga, where our protagonists (four members of the Gardening Group - John, Barry and Richard with watering assistance by Ricky) succeed in their mission, with the whole operation recorded for us by Alan, who sent me the photographs. Special mention must be made of the huge hole John and Richard managed to dig to accommodate the root-ball of the yucca - not at all an easy undertaking as the soil is currently rock-hard at this very hot and dry time of year and I understand it took several days of heavy and sweaty work to make the hole large enough. Given the current major water problems (i.e. little or no water at all for a week now) at MCC, which I haven't mentioned in my blog before, they are all to be commended for their determination not to let the severe practical difficulties of living at MCC at present get them down and defeat them.

MCC Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group - 22 July 2009

"The Saga of the Moving of the Yucca"

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

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