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Monday, 27 July 2009

MCC Gardening Group - watering's the thing!

Well, giving the plants badly-needed water in addition to laying more membrane and gravel, with the aim of giving plant roots some extra protection from the intense drying heat. And doing some minor planting of donated plants, now not really being the right season to be putting too many new plants into the soil (even if you can dig it right now when it's so rock-hard).

Yesterday evening (Sunday 26th July) the Gardening Group was out as usual at both areas they have worked on to date (the open ground between Manzanas 31 & 33 and between Manzanas 19 & 20) and Barbara has sent me some great photographs and notes on what was done - and it is considerable, facilitated enormously by the water storage cubes the Gardening Group have acquired, courtesy of Barry. First below are the photographs, followed by Barbara's notes:

MCC Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group - 26 July 2009

"Watering's the thing!"

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs, where you will also find detailed descriptions of each photograph.

Barbara's notes:

"Watering's the thing!"

Yes, we can confirm it's a hot summer, reaching the high 30's, but still the perfect place to be for blue skies, sunshine, a cool gin & tonic, fiestas, beautiful sunsets. A relaxing holiday destination for people
seeking peace and tranquility!

Unfortunately our water supply company experienced technical problems replenishing our water supplies this last week and we had to arrange the rationing of water. Luckily the worst of these problems now seems to be behind us with regular water supplies having been restored, although there remains longer term work to do to ensure uninterrupted future supplies and work has begun on this.

But what about the plants? Immediately Barry and Ricky arranged to bring in non-potable water in large plastic storage tanks to put on our new 'green' areas between Manzanas 19 & 20 and 31 & 33. Thanks Barry and Ricky! Also many thanks to Frank for the use of his big trailer - from 'Jeremy' (head gnome on area 33).

Last night (26th July) the gardeners gathered together to water the plants with our new hose-pipe system on both areas, using our new Gardening Group water tanks as the source. We also laid a lot more gravel around the plants in the area between Manzanas 31 & 33. We were kindly given a big Yucca without roots so we decided to chop it up into several lengths and plant them in various locations, as a little bit of an experiment - so watch this space for progress reports! It all does look so nice, plants continue to flower and passers-by stop to comment on what a good job we are doing and how nice it already looks - imagine how it'll look next year, even in October when we will have finished the gravelling and will have planted some larger trees and bushes! It is such a good feeling to know that you make a difference!

Our spirits are high and we laugh a lot - and we enjoy our beer. Just before we left yesterday evening we agreed to go ahead and arrange to buy 20 tons of gravel. We also agreed to have our next Neighbourhood Concern Barbecue toward the end of August (precise date to be announced shortly).

If there is anyone who would like to join our Gardening Group, please get in touch with Barbara, Hazel or Ricky - or any other member of the Gardening Group! Membership is free and newcomers are always welcome as there is lots to do.

Until next week folks! Same time, same place! Sunday 2nd August at 8pm.


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