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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Covered municipal swimming pool for Mazarron to get underway soon

In an article published here a few days ago, I mentioned that one item discussed during the 'extraordinary' Council meeting was the tentative plan to build a covered municipal swimming pool for Mazarrón.

Now some more details of what is planned are becoming available. Once the plans are published in the Official Gazette of the Murcia Region (BORM), which the linked article implies will be 'soon', interested parties may tender for the construction and the ongoing operational contracts. The location of the new pool is to be between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón in an area designated as "la zona de la Media Legua" and is planned to be of 'Olympic Size' with a length of 50 metres. Costs are estimated at 4,000,000 Euros for the construction, to include a grant from the Murcian Regional Government of 750,000 Euros, to be provided through the Directorate of Sports.

2 comments - please add your own:

Sierra said...

The link to "some more details" seems to show a remarkably "open" type of covered swimming pool - another Blaya gotcha?

Bill said...

I rather suspect that the pool shown in the linked article is of an existing open swimming pool, no doubt used from 'stock' photographs the newspaper has in its archives. In any case, once the plans are published in the BORM, one can be pretty certain it will happen. Presumably then one will begin to see 'artists impressions' of what the finished structure will look like when it is finished, once construction tenders start to come in.