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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mazarron Council in emergency meeting to reduce IBI for next year

Mazarron Council was in extraordinary session on 6th August to agree budget reductions for next year in view of the economic downturn. Highlights of decisions taken include:

- the ordinances governing property taxes and the increase in land value have been amended such that the rate of IBI tax will for next year be reduced from 0.67 to 0.55 per cent, a reduction of slightly less than 15 per cent.

- also decided were the ratios of municipal employment categories and the overall workforce of Mazarron Council with a budget fixed at 30mio Euros, which according to the Council announcement represents an adaptation to the current budgetary crisis. NB/ I do not have to hand the current year's figures to assess the extent of the change.

- in the areas of capital expenditure the Council also agreed to seek open tenders for the public works (i.e. construction works) and concessions for the operation of a covered municipal swimming pool. (Bill comments that this will impact upon future current expenditure, too, once built.)

- approval was also given in respect of a framework agreement for the regulation of employment conditions for Council officials and collective work conditions for the Council's workforce.

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