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Monday, 24 August 2009

MCC Gardening Group - Barbecue planned for 8th September

After the first very successful barbecue held by the Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group at Mazarron Country Club in mid-July, plans are now well underway for a second fundraising barbecue in early September. Obviously the word is being passed around MCC about the next barbecue and posters are being displayed there so people know about it. I'm happy to include below a copy of the poster they are using, as this may be useful for those not currently at MCC, but who plan to be there over the period when the barbecue is to take place and might wish to factor it into their time at MCC:

MCC - Neighbourhood Concern Gardening Group
Barbecue planned for Tuesday 8th September 2009

- Click on the image to see an enlargement -

- if you would like to download and print out a copy of this poster, I have prepared a version in .PDF format for this purpose - please click here.

PS/ The version of the poster being produced for distribution at MCC includes the telephone numbers of several of those behind organising the barbecue, to assist with obtaining tickets, but Hazel has opened an email account to receive queries from people not currently at MCC, but who wish to have more information or to reserve tickets if they plan to be at MCC over the period including 8th September 2009 and this is the version of the poster that I include here.

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