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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tenders now open for covered swimming pool in Mazarron

The project to construct a covered swimming pool in Mazarrón, plus the maintenance and operation of the facility for a period of 40 years, is now open to tender. The project was published on 20AUG (search under the 'Bookmarks' section) in page 46247 of the Official Journal of the Murcia Region (BORM) under paragraph 13557 and the announcement is included in the Mazarrón municipality website here. The value of the contract is 4,000,000 Euros, including VAT. Tenders remain open until 24 September 2009 (35 days after publication in the BORM) and may be lodged at the Mazarrón Town Hall from whom tender documents may be obtained; tenderers must maintain their tenders until 30 October 2009.

I mentioned this construction project in a couple of earlier articles here and here.

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