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Friday, 4 September 2009

Mazarrón to join Public Transport Authority

Approval for Mazarrón municipality to join the Public Transport Authority (PTA) has been given by the Governing Council of the Murcia Autonomous Region and awaits only final approval from the Ministry of Public Works and Spatial Planning, under whose control the PTA operates.

According to the linked report, the objective of this change is to allow the benefits of public transport services to be extended and promoted to all citizens of Mazarrón municipality through various measures. This service will centralize all information concerning the collection of fares, the transport needs of by users, the flow of passengers and their occupations. As part of this process, the PTA will move toward tariff simplification and integration as well as employing different means to facilitate payment by users. The go-ahead has been given for tenders to be invited for municipal bus services.

I am wondering if this development will allow public bus services to be extended to outlying part of the municiaplity such as Mazarron Country Club and Camposol. It seems like a positive development for the longer term to me.

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