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Monday, 28 September 2009

Parts of Murcia on 'RED ALERT' because of torrential rains

Mostly continuous heavy rain over the past 30 or so hours (expected to continue for a while yet) has caused significant disruption throughout parts of lowland and coastal Murcia region, with the worst affected areas being Cartagena, Campo de Cartagena and Mazarrón.

On Sunday upto 80 litres of rain per square meter fell in the Campo de Cartagena and there was severe disruption in the local road network, specially minor roads, although traffic was disrupted in several towns, too. Although traffic circulation has been restored in two of the roads affected, nine remain cut for the present. As at 7.30pm last evening the D4 road from Mazarrón to Morata was still impassable, between kilometers 17 and 24, for example. In Águilas a house roof collapsed.

Luckily we still have electricity here (the generator has not so far flicked out on us, I'm pleased to say) although television reception is poor to non-existent on many channels. At least my little house is watertight, though!

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