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'Fair and softly goes far' - Miguel de Cervantes

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Está lloviendo de nuevo en Murcia

The lovely bright morning we started off with here in Murcia was destined not to last, according to the early-morning weather forecast on two of the Spanish television channels I watch (the national TVE and the local 7RM) and the sky duly clouded-over by late morning and in the early afternoon the rain started and has since strengthened with bouts of quuite heavy rain. Accentuating the positive, at least I've been able to turn off the irrigation in the garden, but on the other hand the washing I put out to dry will certainly not be ready for ironing or folding tonight. It's warm enough though and I'm sitting here having lunch with the door to the front patio wide open so there's not much wrong with Bill''s little world today. Thought you might like this, though:

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