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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mazarrón Council seeking to update register of foreign residents

Mazarrón Council has announced yesterday that it wishes to update its register of foreign citizens resident in the area (the "Padrón Municipal"); this includes persons who are citizens of a member of the European Union and those who are citizens of countries within the European Economic Area (for example, countries such as Switzerland or Norway). The deadline for registering or renewing registration with Mazarrón Council is 31 December 2009.

Although my knowledge of Spanish is very limited, the requirement to renew registration seems to involve those who have already been registered for at least five years, with no changes having been notified since then. For new registrations the requirement is for those included in the Central Aliens Register (the "Registro Central de Extranjeros" - I presume this relates to the NIE register) for at least two years and not already registered with Mazarrón Council if they are resident in the area.

For further information, those concerned may contact the Bureau of Statistics ("Negociado de Estadística"), located on the ground floor of the Mazarrón Council building; this office may also be contacted by telephone on 968 590 012 (extension 127).

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