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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Mazarrón to get its own crematorium

A slightly morbid topic, I suppose, but an important one nevertheless as every one of us is going to die one day and cremation is an option which many would wish to choose for themselves.

The new crematorium facility, which is to be constructed by a Cartagena firm called 'Estavesa' on the instructions of the Mazarrón municipality, will be located in the 'urbanización El Alcolar' in the coastal area of Puerto de Mazarrón. It will include several viewing rooms and will complement the work of the already-existing morgue in Mazarrón by permitting cremations to be carried out locally.

According to municipal data, foreigners now comprise roughly 30 per cent of the local population, so the new crematorium facility will include repatriation services for those foreigners who have died in Spain, but wish their bodies to be repatriated to their home countries for burial.

It is hoped in addition that the new crematorium will help to solve the space problems which exist in the two local cemeteries, which contain many unmarked graves dating from the Civil War period, as well as a large ossuary. (My comment: as some may have read, the Spanish Parliament recently passed a law about the exhumation of bodies dating from this period and interestingly enough former British politician Michael Portillo, who is half-Spanish, recently made a programme for the BBC about his own family during this period, his father having had to go into exile for many years, which is why Michael Portillo was born in the UK.)

The linked story does not seem to indicate a time-frame when the new crematorium will enter service, but the way it is written seems to indicate it is a definite plan that is likely to happen fairly rapidly (presumably in the next year or so?).

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