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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

No demolitions in Murcia under "Coastal Law" in coming months

There have been fears, written about extensively in the Spanish media in recent weeks, that the Central Government would proceed soon with the demolition of various properties which were in contravention of the 1988 'Law of the Coasts' ('Ley des Costas'). However, a clarification of a parliamentary answer in the Spanish Parliament has confirmed that no such demolitions will be carried out in "the coming months", indeed it is being stated that the legal appeals may take years to resolve.

The twelve cases in Murcia include amongst others an hotel in Mazarrón, the 'Hotel Bahia de Mazarrón', and a bar located on the beach at Lo Pagán. The hotel in Mazarrón has, according to the management, the concession to operate the hotel until 2018 when it will be ceded to the State under the 'Law of the Coasts'.

Original press reports here and here.

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