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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Strife in the agricultural sector in Mazarrón area

Many of those who live or vacation in the Mazarrón area will have been to the Percheles beach and will know that to get there one must pass through the small town/village of Cañada de Gallego, whose main industry appears to be highly-concentrated agricultural production.

One of the largest firms in the area, given the size and seeming-modernity of its buildings and infrastructure, that I have often noticed when driving through the town on the way to the beach is the Agrícola Méndez company. I've no idea of the underlying causes (*), but it seems that all is not well there just now, as employees claiming they have not been paid their wages are staging demonstrations outside the firm's premises, a development that has been met with a large contingent of Guardia Civil personnel who have been drafted in to maintain public order and to prevent riots.

(*) There are a number of possible causes, I suppose, but until it becomes clearer what is going on it is perhaps better not to speculate.

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