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Thursday, 3 December 2009

MCC has a new President!

At long last Mazarron Country Club near Mazarrón in Murcia Region, where I have my holiday home in Spain, has a newly-elected President and Vice-president, together with a team of people to manage the future affairs of our 'Urbanización'. If you want to know more, click here to visit the MCC website, or you can visit 'Soapbox' if you have access to that - if you want to know how to get access if you don't already have it, please click here for further information.

There's a wrong way to try and open a bottle of Cava -

And there's a better, safer way to do the job -

- or of course you could just emulate a Formula I race winner, and lose most of the contents of the bottle in the process. You decide ...

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