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Monday, 28 December 2009

Puerto de Mazarrón residents object to the siting of the proposed Crematorium

Residents of Puerto de Mazarrón who live close to the site of the proposed new crematorium designed to serve the needs of those in the Mazarrón area are objecting to its proximity to their homes and the diminishment to their amentities which it may cause, possibly smoke and obstructed views. Residents of the El Alcolar residential district contend the proposals contravene the terms of the zoning restrictions contained in the planning document for the area issued on 11 March 1992 as installation of premises such as a crematorium were not provided for in the plan. According to the objectors the nearest houses are located only 15 metres from the proposed development, with several other resiidential apartment blocks located within 100 metres. The development is apparently only marginally more than the statutory 200 metres minimum from the beachfront.

Objectors have suggested that a better location for this facility would be adjacent to the cemetery or possibly in an area zoned for industrial use. They further suggest that quite apart from residents that tourist visitors, specially during the summer months when visitor numbers are large, will not appreciate being close to a facility which emits smoke. They say (presumably 'tongue-in-cheek') that such things should be left for the Vatican.

Lest anyone doubt that NIMBY-ism(*) is alive and well and living in Spain, bear in mind this report. Some of the reader comments to the linked article make for very interesting reading, too.

I wrote about the proposed creation of a crematorium in Puerto de Mazarrón here in November.
(*) NIMBY - "not in my back yard"

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