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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

"Wellspring Victory Church Bolnuevo" opens the Christmas celebrations in Mazarrón

The "Wellspring Victory Church Bolnuevo" opened the Christmas celebrations in Mazarrón municipality with a concert in the exhibition and cultural space of the "Casas Consistoriales" (the old Town Hall) on Monday evening. The linked article includes a nice photograph of the choir in action.

The concerts continue for the rest of this week, with the second concert being held last night and with three more to come - today (Wednesday), tomorrow and Friday. All the concerts commence at 21.00 (9pm) and brief details are shown in the linked article as well. However, because all the remaining concerts feature local Spanish choirs it is probably the case they will be packed-out with the friends and families of the choristers - but if you can manage to get in I expect the music will be enjoyable.

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