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Sunday, 17 January 2010

At MCC the beautification of Manzana 36 continues

Last October a neighbour and I began some landscaping work on the area of rough ground opposite our homes at Mazarron Country Club, basically by having it cleared of weeds, levelled-off and overlaid with a woven weed barrier membrane and then finished off with some gravel for later spot-planting with suitable drought-tolerant plants. However as neither of us lives there permanently, some very kind neighbours who do live there most of the time continued the work in our absences, as many who live in the area know it will improve all our amenities in coming years. My neighbour and another neighbour have also jointly done some more landscaping during a recent visit there and the other neighbours have extended the landscaped area considerably over and above this and have put in a considerable number of plants in the new areas.

My neighbour has just sent me some photographs from his recent visit there and already the whole area is beginning to look so much nicer as a result of all these combined efforts, with the promise that over coming months and years this little corner of our 'urbanisation' will take full advantage of the views over the valley from this area, making it an even more pleasant outlook for all who pass by. I understand that some of the neighbours who live there most of the time have additional ideas for enhancing the amenities of the area and I look forward to seeing these in due course. Meantime here are some photographs taken just a few days ago:

Mazarron Country Club
- Thursday 14th January 2010 -

The beautification of Manzana 36 continues

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

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