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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Corvera Airport (Murcia) - aeroplanes could be landing here by summer 2011

(Please see UPDATES at end)

The President of the Murcia Region Autonomous Community, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, has 'laid the foundation stone for the access highway to the new airport' (* - The link has been disabled by me because it no longer links to the original article and results in a disabling feedback-loop, perhaps deliberately put in place - see also at end), which will result in the remodelling of two access points at km 161 and km 164 of the A-30 (Albacete-Cartagena) motorway, where large elevated 'glorietas' (roundabouts) will be constructed; as a guide to the location of the new access points, this is only a few kilometres beyond the end-point of the new RM-2 (Alhama de Murcia-Campo de Cartagena) motorway which joins the A-30 motorway at km 171, a useful route for those wishing to travel toll-free from the Mazarrón area to the existing Murcia-San Javier airport (MJV) - my notes on this topic are here. The new access highway will also be integrated with the very recently-opened RM-19 (Mar Menor) highway. The airport access highway will have two lanes with a cycle lane to its left and will be capable of being expanded to three lanes to increase its capacity if required later.

Señor Valcarcel mentioned that the airport Control Tower is already completed and the main terminal building is well-underway. He stated that when it is opened it should be capable of handling about 3 million passengers per year, although this could be increased over time to about 12 million passengers a year within the design specifications. He stated that whilst the current [economic] crisis has slowed ("ha ralentizado") the pace of work on the new airport, they were nevertheless able to take it forward so that it will be completed during this electoral mandate ("hemos sido capaces de continuar adelante y esta importante obra pública se va a hacer en esta legislatura").

* UPDATE - (Friday 29JAN10 12.22 GMT) The main link above, on which this article is based, no longer functions. I have been unable to trace any other Spanish press report discussing this matter. However I have this morning come across an article in a Spanish blog (in Spanish) that may have considerable bearing on this whole issue. The blog article may be viewed here (a rough translation is here), but I will be writing shortly another blog article myself discussing it.

2nd UPDATE - (Friday 29JAN10 13.45 GMT) Please see my later article concerning the issue mentioned in a Spanish-language blog, about the legal warning issued to the Murcia Regional Government. It may be of interest also to read my article a couple of years ago at the time time compulsory purchase orders for the land on which the airport is being built were issued - click here to see it.

3rd UPDATE - (Monday 24JAN11 13.47 GMT) Please see my later article concerning plans for "Training to begin soon for future Corvera Airport".

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