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Friday, 29 January 2010

Corvera Airport (Murcia) - complications for Valcarel?

(Please see UPDATE at end)

Further to my article yesterday about recent developments with the infrastructure necessary for the new airport, the main link on which that article was based no longer functions. I have been unable to find other press articles in the Spanish press about this. Decidedly curious.

This morning, however, I have come across an article in a Spanish-language blog I follow which may shed light on what might be going on. The article concerns a 'legal warning' to the President of the Murcia Region Autonomous Community, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, issued by D. Martín Rodríguez Márquez as a representative of something called "La Asociación Iniciativa Ciudadana y Profesional para la Defensa Jurídica del Litoral" ('Citizens and Professionals Initiative Association for the Legal Defence of the Coastal Area'). The substance of the warning seems to be that the Association had come across press reports indicating that the Murcia Regional Government is going to issue a public guarantee of upto €200 millions in respect of completion of the Corvera Airport development, ultimately benefitting the company developing the project ("Sociedad concesionaria Aeropuerto de Murcia, S.A."). The Association contends that such a guarantee would contravene both the Finance Act and the Law on Public Sector Contracts, together with European Union Directives with regard to the provision of state aid. In addition the Association suggests that the public guarantee is seriously detrimental to the public interest, given the severe budgetary constraints the government is operating under and that it is wrong in principle for a public guarantee to be issued to support a private company. Presumably without this guarantee the early-completion of the Corvera Airport project must be in some doubt.

UPDATE (15APR2010 10.00 CET) Please see my later article here - The Minister of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, admitted yesterday before the full Regional Assembly that the Murcia Autonomous Community is not in possession of European Union approval for it to guarantee a loan ...

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