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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Desembarco de los Reyes Magos en el Puerto Pesquero / Landing of the Magi in the fishing port

Earlier today in Mazarrón saw the the symbolic disemabarkation of the 'Magi' at the fishing port followed by a parade through the town - more information here. Although I am currently far away in the quasi-Arctic wastes of northern Scotland, one of my friends in Mazarrón, Mike Conway, kindly sent me these photographs this evening which he was able to take this afternoon - yes, truly one may say that the internet annihilates distance:

Desembarco de los Reyes Magos en el Puerto Pesquero
(Landing of the Magi in the fishing port)

Mazarrón (Murcia) - 5th January 2010

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

Click here to see enlargements of all these photographs.

- and a few more words courtesy of Mike Conway to flesh out these photographs:

"A morning of anticipation! This afternoon the Three Kings were arriving! Tomorrow was Christmas day in Spain, but oh dear from our windows we saw only rain! However the coming attraction of the arrival of the Three Kings smiled kindly on the weather and by lunchtime the sun was out.

"Crowds of people mostly very exited children gathered in the harbour to await the launch carrying its very important cargo of 3 kings. When they stepped ashore to the sound of fireworks and a band they took their seats on 3 grand thrones atop a lovely decorated float_ behind the Royal guests were other floats with men women & children dressed in fancy dress and behind them were lorries full of sweets and toys that were thrown to the many children along a route through the town.

"Tonight the children of Spain will put out their shoes and the 3 Kings will deliver presents to the good or fill naughty children’s shoes with coal."

PS/ The BBC Scotland news (following the main 10pm news bulletin) is just reporting that Inverness (and nearby Nairn where I am) are effectively cut-off from the rest of the country tonight as the A9 - the main road from the south - and the A96 - the main Aberdeen-Inverness road - have both been closed this evening, as they are both too dangerous to travel on at present. So I think I can safely say that the new fridge-freezer I had been expecting to receive tomorrow morning won't be coming as I understand that Curry's, from whom I purchased it, have their main Scottish distribution depot in someplace like Stirling, so I cannot imagine that travel beyond Perth will be ppossible for a while. Luckily we still have electricity and gas (for light and heating and television) - not to mention the internet connection which permits me to pass on this vital information to a waiting world - irony alert!

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