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Saturday, 30 January 2010

MCC from the motorway - as seen by Google Streetview

The garden centre 'Alcayna' close by Mazarron Country Club is now permanently recorded in Google Streetview's mapping of the Mazarrón area. The Google Streetview vehicle also seems to have travelled on the back-road E19 from Mazarrón to La Pinilla. I've no idea when these images were taken - presumably sometime last summer or Autumn, or perhaps even a year or two ago. You can make the images occcupy the whole of your screen by clicking on the small square at top-right of each image, you can also zoom in or rotate the images through a full 360 degrees as well as panning up and down.

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From the E19, the back entrance to Mazarron Country Club:

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My goodness, you really can have fun with this!

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