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Monday, 4 January 2010

Roll up, roll up!! Bananas and coke! Going cheap!

Well, not quite! Lidl supermarkets in the Madrid area and throughout north-central Spain have inadvertantly been offering for sale bananas laced with sachets of cocaine. The supermarket group apparently bought the Ecuadorian bananas at open auction at Madrid's wholesale fruit market ('Mercamadrid') and were alerted to the problem after a supermarket shelf-stacker found some of the drugs in boxes of bananas being put on display for sale. Police are still trying to discover why the drugs were not intercepted by the drug-traffickers after the fruit arrived in Spain, but police believe that other supermarkets across Spain may also inadvertantly have bought some of these bananas. The police state there is absolutely no suggestion that Lidl was in any way involved in this drug-trafficking incident, during which 100 kilos of cocaine were seized. A similar drug-laced consignment arrived in Port Vendres in France, having come on this occasion from the Ivory Coast. This English-language version of the story in came to my attention courtesy of David Jackson's Almería-based blog.

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