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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spanish MP's photo 'used for Osama bin Laden poster'

If this wasn't so outrageous it would be funny. Parts of a genuine photograph of a Spanish MP have been used in making a photo-fit 'terrorist alert' poster of Osama bin Laden to show how the terrorist might look now. The US FBI used the most recent photograph of bin Laden that they possess (which dates from 1998) and tried to 'age' it to show what he might look like today. Apparently some FBI technician used parts of a random photograph off of Google as a suitably similar image to what bin Laden might look with 12 years of ageing, without knowing (so they say) whose image it was. Basically the 'swarthy' image they stole for the purpose was that of Spanish MP Gaspar Llamazares, the former leader of the United Left coalition in the Spanish parliament. Understandably Señor Llamazares is both somewhat alarmed and angry, alarmed because he is worried about what might happen should he be travelling to the US in future.

The FBI's action seems pretty irresponsible to me.

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