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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Andalucia Government adopts law on "dignified death"

The Andalucian Parliament has just voted to adopt a law on "dignified death"; it is the first region of Spain to pass such a law. The 'Law of Guarantees of the Rights and Dignity of Persons in the Process of Death' ('Ley de Derechos y Garantías de la Dignidad de las Personas en el Proceso de la Muerte') regulates the limitation of therapeutic efforts, prohibits aggressive therapy and allows patients to refuse treatment to prolong life artificially. It also covers palliative sedation to relieve the suffering of patients, which may "shorten life". The law does not regulate the conscientious objection of doctors since, according to the jurists of the Advisory Council of Andalucia, it should be a state prerogative to legislate for such matters.

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