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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cambio de hora 2010 España / horario verano – horario invierno

During tonight clocks will go forward by one hour throughout the EU and we shall all 'lose' one hour of sleep.

In the UK this will mean a shift from GMT [Greenwich Mean Time] to GMT+1, otherwise known as BST [British Summer Time].

In Spain, where I am now and for the next few months, clocks are already on GMT+1, otherwise known as RST [Romance Standard Time] or CET [Central European Time] and will go forward tonight to GMT+2, known here as RST+1 or CET+1.

Clocks will go back in the Autumn, in the UK and Spain and elsewhere in the European Union, on the night of 30/31 October 2010.

Information for the UK for this and the next few years is available here - see near the bottom of the page under British Summer Time.

Information for Spain for this and the next several years is available here - see near the bottom of the page under the section Cambio Horario España 1940-2010, although the years 2011 to 2015 are covered too provisionally.

There's a nice map here covering the whole of Europe in the Telefonica website I used above for the time-change in Spain. There's also a page of useful information in this same website giving details of time-changes for 2010 throughout the world.

Have a great Summer! / Mis mejores deseos para un buen verano!

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