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Friday, 30 April 2010

Portuguese "man o' war" jellyfish spotted off Murcia coastline

Around a dozen Portuguese "man o' war" jellyfish have been spotted off the coastline of Murcia, including off of La Isla near Mazarrón. The species Physalia physalis has an extremely painful sting.

They usually migrate into the shallower waters of the Meditteranean during the cooler winter months, before returning to deeper waters and to the Atlantic when the temperature rises as summer approaches. The long winter this year has delayed the process of them leaving the coastal areas and Ignacio Franco, researcher at the Murcia Oceanographic Institute (Centro Oceanográfico de Murcia), says that more may be seen in coming days. It is recommended that swimmers heed the warnings of beach stewards and if a sting occurs to tell the steward immediately, as well as contacting the nearest Spanish Red Cross post for assistance. Sr Franco says he does not wish to panic swimmers, simply to advise them to take care, specially at a time when people are taking their first swims of the year. It is most unusual for the stings these creatures inflict to be fatal, nevertheless it is extremely painful to humans and is certainly best avoided.

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