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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

British man abandons mother in Torrevieja hospital

I am not often shocked when I read a news report, and there may well be other aspects to the story not included in the news report, but this report of a British man abandoning his 61-year old mother in an hospital in Torrevieja has succeeded. On two occasions when the lady was returned too the son's home by ambulance the son refused to 'take delivery' (i.e. he refused to have his mother back into his home).

The Torrevieja Municipal Police Force has registered an official complaint against the man, who it seems has now left an airline ticket and the taxi fare between Torrevieja and El Altet Airport with the British Consulate in Alicante, presumably hoping that his mother will be put on the aircraft to the UK by the Consulate and he (the son) can finally 'wash his hands' of her.

Mind you, there was another case much closer to my home in Spain just a few months ago where the family of a widower (whose wife had died late last year) declined to become involved in his welfare and it was left to the good offices of a kindly neighbour to make suitable arrangements; in that case the gentleman concerned was not, ahem, an easy man to help because of his own problems. Perhaps there are similar 'mitigating circumstances' in the case in Torrevieja?

Human nature in all its rich diversity - often wonderful, sometimes deplorable.

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