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Friday, 18 June 2010

New medical centre in Puerto de Mazarrón to open soon

The new Medical Centre in Puerto de Mazarrón is to open before the end of this month, according to an announcement from a spokesman for the Health Service of Murcia (Servicio Murciano de Salud); the very lengthy delay in its opening since its completion in the Spring of 2009 resulted from problems with water, sewage and electricity services which have apparently been resolved. I wrote about the delays in July 2009 here.

The new Medical Centre occupies 2,995 square meters on two floors, and includes nine family medicine clinics, three pediatric clinics, nine nursing stations, a dentistry clinic as well as a dental hygiene clinic, and a midwife consultation area, a social work area and fourteen waiting room modules.

In a separate development, it is announced that the redeveloped Medical Centre in the centre of Mazarrón, where building works were completed in March of this year, will re-open "in September or October". It too will provide a wide range of medical services over two floors, with the ground floor being devoted to emergency and general consultation areas with access to the rest of the building, which will include an administration area, other consultation areas, a dental clinic and nursing and pediatric clinics.

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