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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Puerto de Mazarrón - programme of 2010 summer entertainment

The municipality of Mazarrón has organised a series of summer music and entertainment for residents and visitors alike this summer, mainly taking place at the Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas en pleno Paseo del Puerto ('Plaza of the Autonomous Communities on the Paseo del Puerto').

Supplementing this will be a Mercado Artesanal ('Craft Market') located in the business area of the playa de Bahía until 29th August 2010.

The programme of evening entertainment includes:

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Puerto de Mazarrón

Sábado 24 de julio / Saturday July 24

22.30 h. Actuación musical del grupo mazarronero 'Lobesia' (Mazarrón musical performance group 'Lobesia')

Sábado 31 de julio / Saturday July 31

22.30 h. Música en vivo (Live Music)

Jueves 5 de agosto / Thursday August 5

21.00 h. Inauguración del 'Mercado Artesanal' que permanecerá abierto hasta el 29 de agosto (Inauguration of 'Craft Market' that will remain open until August 29)

En la playa de Bahía (On the beach)

Sábado 7 de agosto / Saturday August 7

22.00 h.Concierto de música blue 'Luna Llena' (Blues Music Concert 'Full Moon')

En la Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas (In the Plaza of the Autonomous Communities)

Sábado 14 de agosto / Saturday August 14

22.00 h. La máquina del tiempo (The Time Machine)

24.00 h. Espectáculo pirotécnico (Fireworks)

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