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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Swimmers who flout 'red flag' warnings risk €1,500 fine in Murcia

Swimmers who disobey 'red flags' on beaches in Murcia (e.g. Cartagena, Mazarrón, Águilas, Lorca and San Javier) by going for a swim risk having a fine of upto €1,500- imposed on them by local police. The crack-down on inconsiderate swimmers, known as "Plan Copla", is designed to bring home to such individuals that they risk not only their own lives by swimming under dangerous sea conditions, but the lives of those who must attempt to rescue them.

The renewed campaign follows on the death last Sunday of a man swimming off the shore of La Manga; the man apparently had vision problems and was a poor swimmer. A 'red flag' was flying on the beach at the time.

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