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Thursday, 19 August 2010

It's a load of bull in Spain!

I was going to entitle this article "The Wages of Sin is Death", but as no-one was actually killed in this incident (similar report in Spanish media) in Tafalla, near Pamplona (except for the bull of course!), that did not seem entirely appropriate, but it does express my disgust at the taunting of a trapped animal for sport.

Much as I love Spain and the Spanish people I have to say this is one aspect of the culture of that country that I find completely deplorable. Sometimes a trapped animal will fight back, as the bull did at Tafalla, but of course it had no chance of escaping and its fate was sealed as soon as it started its rampage. I have to confess I feel little sympathy for any of the forty injured, certainly not the adults or in particular the parents of the children amongst the injured; it is a salutary lesson that attending oneself, or taking along one's child to such an event and by implication teaching them that such activities are morally acceptable, is not without considerable risk.

The sickening thing is that this incident is not likely to stop this barbaric practice. I can imagine the main outcome will be that barriers are built higher and stronger in future so reducing the chance of a bull getting over them in future. However, at least in some parts of Spain, things are moving on - Catalonia recently banned bullfighting (English-language report here), a very welcome move indeed. Not everyone is happy about this though - see here (Spanish) and here (English).

End of 'moral outrage' tirade.

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