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Friday, 1 October 2010

'casabill - the blog' is three today!

Today is the third anniversary of 'casabill - the blog'. The major event with which I have been involved over the past year (well, almost one year) is that I am a part of the 'team' which has been helping to manage the urbanisation (Mazarron Country Club - MCC), where I have my holiday home in Spain, since December last year when the 'team' was finally able to take over, having been elected a couple of months earlier. My major contribution to the 'team' is that I maintain the urbanisation's official website, and this may be viewed here. This is one of the reasons why updates to this blog have been less frequent than in earlier years (because the website I maintain for the urbanisation does eat into my time to some extent), although I still update it when something of interest [to me and I hope at least a few others] comes to my attention.

It's also true to say that because I have been blogging for quite a few years now (3 years here and eight and a half years in my other and 'main' blog [link at right]) the 'novelty' of inflicting my views on an unsuspecting world has to some extent faded. Another factor is that for the past few years I have been 'tweeting' (see link to my 'Twitter' page at right) and this elegant vehicle makes it very easy to post brief thoughts as they occur, but there are of course some occasions when I think a full blog article is warranted so that's where this blog and my other blog continue to be necessary to me from time to time as a way of 'venting', whether the topic is frivolous or factual and/or serious.

This time last year I was at MCC for my usual Autumn break of about a month, but this year my Autumn break has been delayed by about a month for various personal reasons and I'll be there toward the end of this month. Of course my longer late-winter/spring stay at MCC took place more or less as usual earlier this year, although time-shifted a little later in the year (from early-March to late-May) to take better advantage of the warmer weather during that period, before it becomes too warm for my personal tastes; having spent many years in my earlier life living in the Middle and Far East I have learned all I need to know about extreme heat. I expect to repeat this approximate timing in coming years.

Finally, I'd like to express my thanks to those who have visited this blog over the past year; it would appear (from the site statistics that I maintain) that certain articles seem to be viewed very frequently indeed as a result of internet searches and if I have helped in my very small way to provide useful information to those looking for it then that is all I ask of my efforts here. Hopefully in coming months I shall have occasion to write similarly useful articles from time to time - meantime I await with some impatience my departure for my month at MCC in a few weeks.

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