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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Game over for the old market-hall in Mazarrón

Last Wednesday the Contencioso-Administrativo número 7 de Murcia ('Court of Administrative Litigation Murcia number 7') ruled not to uphold the demand of many of the stall-holders to halt the closure of the existing covered market and the Town Council of Mazarrón has accordingly announced (see here and here) that it will close definitively today; the new market 'Mercado Cresta del Gallo de la Avenida Constitución de Mazarrón' has been in operation since last Monday. As promised the stall-holders have agreed to abide by the court ruling.

The old market hall will in due course be demolished to facilitate the building of an underground car-park in the 'Plaza del Convento', although until the work there begins, the Saturday market which has traditionally taken place there will continue according to the reports. It is not clear whether the old market hall will in due course be replaced by another building or whether the whole area will become an open space in the centre of the town; the reports I have read seem to vary in the details of this.

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