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Monday, 17 January 2011

ER at Puerto de Mazarron health centre to close

The Emergency department at the new Puerto de Mazarrón health centre is to close with immediate effect and those requiring emergency treatment will now have to go to the recently-enlarged and re-opened Mazarrón health centre, about 6 Km away, as it has an emergency department, too. The decision has been taken by the regional authorities in Murcia, who deny it is for reasons of budgetary cuts, but insist it is because the Puerto de Mazarrón emergency health facility is little-used out of the tourist season, sometimes having only 3 or 4 users per day, so it is simply not cost-effective. Nevertheless the local Mazarrón council says it is going to maintain the service, despite what it chararterises, for its part, as "regional government budget cuts" ("recortes presupuestarios del Gobierno regional").

The regional government says that the Puerto de Mazarrón emergency department will re-open again "intermittently" when the base local population of about 18,000 increases at certain times of the year (at Easter and in the summer, principally) with influxes of large numbers of tourists.

It will be interesting to see how this development will work out in practise and what 'chaos' and uncertainty may occur in consequence.

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