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'Fair and softly goes far' - Miguel de Cervantes

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two week countdown begins tomorrow ...

Tomorrow is the start of the two-week countdown for my departure for Spain for my annual three months there to escape the tail-end of a northern Scottish Winter and see Spring well underway before I return back to the UK in June. I am beginning to get quite excited by the prospect.

There has been 'radio silence' in this blog for quite a few weeks. My apologies. I have had many personal matters to deal with over recent months which, apart from taking a considerable amount of time to make progress with, have unfortunately left me somewhat emotionally-drained. Hence the lack of desire to post much here and precious little more in my other 'main' blog either. Hopefully my return to the light and relative warmth of Spain for a few months will let me relax a bit more than has been possible of late. There is possibly going to be a major change in my UK living-arrangements as I now have more freedom to live where I wish, so if that does come to fruition no doubt I'll write some more about that in due course.

However, in the immediate future I'm focussed on my return to the Murcia region of Spain two weeks tomorrow.

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